Fanbot lets you create a messaging bot for
marketing, sales and engagement.
Fanbot lets you create a messaging bot for 
marketing, sales and engagement.

How to setup your first bot?

Welcome to the bot platform and the wonderful world of messaging marketing! Build your first, task-focused bot for marketing, sales and fan engagement without a line of code and see how it could work for your brand. Start quick with just a few settings or configure your bot all the way for full campaign support for both Facebook Messenger and Viber. See the features below or jump in to create!


When you set up your bot for the first time you will most probably start with the Automation module. This is where you can define the automatic replies to various statements, discussions and conversation elements of your bot. Besides replying to incoming messages, you can take the initiative and send any pre-defined, automated statement in the Engagement and Broadcasting modules, creating further options with your customers, customize your conversations and increase your conversions.


The Engagement module have multiple parts, with different goals and purposes for your marketing efforts and communication strategy.  The autopilot helps you to re-engage the users of your bot automatically, while the integrated e-commerce features provide the tools for you to increase the conversion rate of your webshop via messeges, such as abandoned cart management and different order related activities. The chat based mini-games (such as prediction or puzzles) are also interesting options to use in campaigns


The Broadcasting module allows you to send out mass broadcasting messages to the subscribers of the bot. It's important to remember that platform specific rules apply to signing up subscribers and broadcasting, to avoid spam and comply with all the privacy rules of the messaging platforms and the applicable law. The broadcasting and targeting options are different between the messaging platforms and they are optimised accordingly.

Facebook Messenger

1billion+ active users
85%+ open rates


900million+ active users
Sticker packs for more engagement

Fans & Live Chat

Sometimes human interaction is inevitable in your automated journey with your customers. Users who ask for help through your bot will be listed here for all the platforms. Alternatively, you can contact your fans one by one proactively or turn off the bot for individuals with special requests. 

Dashboard & Analytics

Rather than having a separated analytics module, the data is displayed in the modules themselves where you operate your bot, giving you actionable targeting options, insights and statistics of your marketing efforts. The enhanced Dashboard always shows real time information at a glance.

Fanbot API

The Fanbot API is a great way to connect your existing services to work with your bot automatically. The standard REST API is available for all registered users of the platform with no extra cost and supports various end points for broadcasting and engagement. 

Some of the reasons why our partners are using their bot

Grow Your Fanbase
Attract new fans on the most convenient digital chat platforms
Retain Fans
Easy to manage tool to speak, think & act as your fans
No downtime
Always-on connection that keeps you linked to your fans 24/7
Increase engagement
Identify and live by the types of engagements that are effective
Transactions in your chat
Increase your conversions, boost user satisfaction & drive response time to 0
Discover and measure what your fans are interested about via discussions
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Ready to get started?
Start building your first chatbot for free or get in touch for evaluation
Ready to get started?
Start building your first chatbot for free or get in touch for evaluation