Fanbot lets you create a messaging bot for
marketing, sales and engagement.
Fanbot lets you create a messaging bot for 
marketing, sales and engagement.

What is a bot?

Test the conversation with a fanbot and see how it can leverage your brand’s communication and marketing. Your chatbot will respond to your fans, automate your marketing and sales efforts and learn all the way to provide better and better results.


  • Set up conversations for different events, such as new user onboarding.
  • Define tasks to automate your sales and marketing process.
  • Use different entry fields and branching to customize the user experience.


  • Deliver news, important events or special offer feeds and collect your subscribers.
  • Share/broadcast your content: pics, GIFs, videos or PDFs/files.
  • Create polls, surveys or questionnaires to learn more about your audience opinion.


  • Teach your bot how to answer your most important user questions.
  • Give your chatbot a personality with an engaging chat experience.
  • This is where most of the magic happens and your bot gets smarter over time.

Facebook Messenger

1billion+ active users
85%+ open rates


900million+ active users
Sticker packs for more engagement

Messenger Marketing

  • People prefer to use Messenger to interact with brands.
  • Messaging marketing could give you more sales opportunity than you can imagine.
  • Set up triggers using the API to deliver event based messages (such as shopping cart updates from your e-commerce shop) directly to your customers.

Always ON and Live chat option


  • Measure your bot’s performance 24/7.
  • Find out which users are the best to reach out on different platforms.
  • Analyze and fine tune your campaigns on the go.

Need a custom built bot for your brand?


Our API provides a seamlessly integrated entry point for all trigger based events.
Automate more processes with 3rd party integrations, such as
Zapier, Magento, Shopify and more.

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