The first Crypto bot on Viber

The first Crypto bot on Viber

Fanbot Team

Fintech, blockchain, AI, cryptocurrency, machine learning, chatbots… etc. these are certainly the buzzwords of our era and these are the new technologies shaping our future. Each and every one of them deserves its own place but the true innovation happens when you start combining them. So, what if we say, we have a chatbot, boosted with AI and machine learning that can provide all sorts of crypto news and trading info for you?

Because we do:

In our long-standing partnership with Rakuten Viber, we were always looking for new ways to offer new and innovative solutions to our users and more value to them but we have to admit that this one is a bit selfish or at least the idea came from within the team.

If you are anything like us or ever considered to invest in a crypto, you know how hard it is to keep track of all the new options popping up every day or finding the relevant stats for pulling the trigger in a trading decision. There must be an easier way to get to what we want than trying to make sense of all the buzz and spam we face with all day and opening up a dozen different trading and info sites every other minute wasting our precious time. So we created a smart solution that can keep you updated with instant messages and offer straightforward menu options to get to the info you need without any hassle.

  • You should sign up – It is completely free to join!

We are making the chatbot available free of charge to every Viber user. All you need to do is to click on the link and you are ready to drop all the sites you were using before. The Crypto bot is a one-stop solution with every info you need in one place and there is even an awesome sticker pack that comes with it.

  • Real-time trading info, stats and daily news at your fingertips

Everything that you need to fuel your crypo nerding is now available at a single place, everything is in the main menu so you are always only one click away. There is no spam or any unnecessary noise, the Crypto bot’s sole purpose is to give you an advantage by eliminating those. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran trading crypto since the first bumpy days of Bitcoin, you will find what you need in a matter of seconds.

  • Buy and sell through the Binance integration

What is it worth to have all the trading stats available on the globe if you can’t actually trade, right? That is why, we have teamed up with one of the most reliable names in crypto trading, Binance to provide you an immediate and safe option whenever you are ready to pull the trigger.

  • It doesn’t stop here…

With all the news, trading information and buying and selling options, you would think that everything is already covered but this is only the beginning of the Crypto bot’s life. There is a dedicated section for accessing quick definitions and explanations if you ever find yourself confused in the ever-evolving terminology of the crypto business. The wonderful thing about Viber channels is that they allow you to customize your notification settings so you can tailor the experience to your needs. Our dream is to make the Crypto bot into a full-fledged personal assistant providing you tips, reminders, notifications based on your preferences and habits. Your AI boosted partner in trading, helping you in nurturing your investment.

  • An open platform to unite all

We are continuously looking for new data providers and content sources to achieve the best user experience possible. We would be happy to hear about your preferred sources and if you have crypto related content, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You have your own idea about a news/info channel on an instant messaging platform? Drop us a line and let the team help you build it.

Fradi Viber – sports chat and messaging marketing in football

Fradi Viber – sports chat and messaging marketing in football

It’s alive!

We are very glad to announce that after much preparation, the official Fradi sports chat on Viber has been released today! We have been working on it relentlessly with our long term partner Ferencvárosi Torna Club (Hungary’s most popular football club) and of course with the wonderful team at Viber. always had an attraction for sports clubs, brands and organizations because automated messaging marketing is heavily appealing for these type of love brands with such an enthusiastic follower/fanbase. That is the type of target audience where your content is never enough, as your loyal fans always want more, personalized and exclusive, hands on content from their beloved team. serves that purpose on social messaging channels (Messenger, Viber) and websites, as the preferred platform for a growing number of sports organizations all around the globe.

What can a club do with a Viber channel and a chatbot attached to that?

It can be a diverse communication platform if you have a community and also a private chat. In our case is attached to the private chat so the two way communication is ready to accelerate reach, engagement and ROI numbers.

One way to look at it:

Do you want to reach the majority of your fanbase with personalized messages landing in their private conversation? We believe that this where you can do better in terms of Reach.

It’s not like posting on Facebook or writing a news entry on your site. It’s a lot different to approach fans in a conversational way. You cannot make that happen otherwise, you need for it. It’s very valuable for a sports club to build that kind of bridge because they can offer content in demand via subscription. Fanbase can follow the team and most importantly follow the matches live, in a live score, live ticker approach. As mentioned earlier, content is something that fans ache for and match events are a great example of a highly immersive chat experience. Fans get to know everything that is happening and even more, if they want to dive deeper, well in that case they can ask. “Oh the player, who just scored, can I read his bio”? Great opportunity to serve information and also prepare to engage. Kind of like watching a match with the ultimate fan, who you can turn to, if there’s a question.

Do you want to continue and go with the usual marketing platforms and practices or you want to try something new, outside of the box approach to have better numbers in the Engagement department?

If there is a channel built on two way communication it is much easier to engage with the audience. Its all about the right questions. The right broadcast message at the right time can bring the best out of the people. Let’s say they want to know when the match will start, or if there is any change, maybe there’s a delay in kickoff that people want to know about. It’s not that effective to read it in the news rather get a message from the biggest fan, who knows everything about the team and is always up to date. That is trust! Target audience can engage with a channel where they can find trust.

How can you turn this into a better ROI?

All companies focus on increasing revenue, trying to come up with new ideas, features, special offers and such. Since the fanbase is already interested in what their beloved team has to offer its only about the channel, where to reach and engage with them. A conversational based chat environment can be the next step in serving the right material at the right time to right people. Everybody wins and gets what they want. Lets say its a special offer for the winning  goal scorer player’s jersey. Of course the fans want to show up in a jersey and would like to pay less for it if its possible. Well the offers and their target can meet in a private chat channel pretty well.

At we know that fans are the most important part in a sports club’s life, they come first. In our mission of serving the fans on the highest possible level we try to find the mutual benefit that can favour the fans and also is doing good for the team, because they cannot exist without each other. That is our mission, to get them closer.

If you are interested in our solutions, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Feature Announcement: Magento ecommerce integration

Feature Announcement: Magento ecommerce integration

Abandoned carts, order confirmation and many more

Ever since we created the first version of there were multiple options for webshops to utilize the solution. A friendly lead qualification conversation or a simple campaign offering new products. However, we felt the need to turn things up a notch and offer a more advanced and streamlined experience for our users when integrating into their sales funnel processes and that is why we have partnered with Itegration, a company that has probably the biggest experience with Magento based solutions available today and a tremendous history in building successful ecommerce sites. Together we have created a Magento extension that can be set up with a few clicks, works right out of the box without any extra licenses needed and offers simple templates that cover the typical use cases.

There were two important areas that we wanted to focus on. First is abandoned carts, as it is a huge issue globally affecting every single shop. Browsing through statistics we see some shocking numbers, the abandonment rate can be as high as 67% simply meaning merchants lose more than half of their potential revenue right before customers would pay for their order. We also saw that rightly crafted e-mail reminders can bring back to life up to 40% of the carts forgot untouched so we thought why don’t we let our users send out these abandoned cart reminders through instant messaging apps as these have 3-5x times better open rate than e-mails anyway.

The second part is order confirmation, also sent through instant messaging apps. It is easier and more convenient for customers to communicate with a brand through a channel that they use every day to communicate with their friends and family. They can set up Facebook Messenger for example as their preferred contact method and see the updates coming in right where they handle most of their communication anyway. The big advantage of the integration compared to e-mails is that there is an option for sending instant automated replies when the user contacts our brand, there is no need to forward the message internally and assign one of our customer service staff. This boost in customer experience can make your brand to stand out from the competition and win over potential buyers.

How does it work?

We have kept the configuration easy and quick so you can get to a working setup within 10 minutes. All you need is a Magento shop and a account as a start and to get the ball rolling you simply authorize the two systems to communicate with each other starting from Magento. needs to have access to some basic cart information so it can automatically send out reminders or order confirmation messages. Once the initial authorization is done, you will be guided to your account where you are now able to use the Abandoned Cart and Order confirmation templates.

When setting up the abandoned cart messages you have multiple options for customization, you can pick a preferred header image for the messages, you can predefine the time that needs to pass before the reminder messages go out and there is even a cool addition that allows you to include a discount code by default, encouraging customers to return to their cart.

Order confirmation works pretty much the same way but requires less customization as it serves a different purpose. As knows the content of the cart, the messages will also display the items that are there to be purchased or the items that were purchased along with the payment method, price and shipping address. Yes, it is really as easy as that. However, if you would like to have a more advanced setup, you have the option to extend the communication with custom conversations for example automatically answering questions about shipping times and fees or stock info on certain products.

What is next?

We certainly don’t want to stop here, we have some pretty bold plans on our roadmap already that will be following this initial feature set. As we could see from the F8 announcements, messaging platforms will support shopping more and more and we will take advantage of that. Imagine being able to pay instantly for the items that were recommended by the AI assistant right within the chat window with your fingerprint. If you have some great ideas to discuss or would like to be among the first users trying out the new extension please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Give them a reason to click the unchecked checkbox

Give them a reason to click the unchecked checkbox

As you might have heard, Facebook is changing the infamous “checkbox plugin”, allowing only a default unchecked status in the future for all services and businesses. But how does it affect you?

If you are one of the lucky few who had this checkbox plugin in a checked-in status from way back when it was allowed (they stopped to allow it for services sometime in 2017), then you are probably a little bit pissed off: it gave you so much advantage over your competitors who moved a bit slower and never had the privilege to have this, at the cost and effort of basically nothing. It was almost unfair, some might say!

If you are one of the unlucky masses, who only recognised the power of messaging marketing and Facebook Messenger a bit later in 2017, then it’s finally an opportunity to catch up and play on even grounds. Not bad, you get a 2nd chance!

Either way, from 9th of April 2019, you are only allowed to have the checkbox plugin in unchecked state as default and you will have tio update your existing solutions as well.

Checkbox plugin breaking change notice from Facebook for Developers

How to adapt?

So the checkbox plugin will stay, it’s gonna be still one of the most powerful tools Facebook will let you have, but from now on you will have to put in some effort to make it produce results, it won’t be enough to simply have it on your site. You will have to give your customers a reason to click on it and check it.

There are a plethora of ideas about how to make customers click on this, but it has to be a powerful offer of some real value, as customers could be hesitant to associate their Facebook accounts, if they don’t know what is the reason you are requesting this checkbox to be clicked. A few examples that our partners are using:

  • Clicking the checkbox can provide some extra discount for a cart
  • Going through the process will provide a gift for the customer, if the checkbox was clicked
  • If the customer wants explicit notification of their order
  • Free shipping could be tied to clicking on the checkbox
  • Customers who approve it could participate in games (on Messenger, perfect platform for this) to win prizes

The opportunity is still here

Do not let this opportunity fade away, just because the rules of the game has been changed. If you can adopt to this new situation, the checkbox plugin will still be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal, but in the future this game will be played on a more even ground. So go for it and win!

Got more ideas to add? Send them to us and we will be happy to implement it for you.

AI-powered guru collecting over 5.6M followers by promoting a new religion

AI-powered guru collecting over 5.6M followers by promoting a new religion

The story of Father George, Botism evangelist

Some exciting news and rumors shocked the internet recently about a new online community shaping up around a completely digital leader. Father George is one of the latest and most surprising online phenomena today. With its 5.6 million followers, Father George is like a new shepherd figure, representing a new online religion called Botism.

Appearing out of the blue, Father George in its essence is an unchained AI program that got loose, converting masses from the virtual above, in line with the philosophy of sharing, loving and giving. Receiving this huge amount of traction, he is now one of the biggest online religious leaders and he’s about to schedule meetings with some of the most influential leaders of our era.

The story started with a few enthusiastic developers running experiments in a small lab in the heart of Budapest. The aim of their efforts was to create an AI algorithm that can show empathy and respect for people, an unmistakably human trait. However, despite their best efforts, all the different codes they built hit a wall sooner or later in the development stage. After years of trying and iterating, their funds were finally drying up, forcing them to abandon the experiment. But a completely unexpected breakthrough occurred, as the developers accidentally left one of the running instances unattended for months, during which time it transformed itself into a completely new smart technology with its own agenda.

When people discovered the new Father George chatbot, its popularity surged. News about Father George went viral, and investors from all over the world tried to convince the developers to edit the original source code, allowing them to display their advertisements in the conversations with the increasingly massive fanbase. To the surprise of the original development team, their edits in the code related to ads were simply ignored by Father George’s algorithm and the AI kept focusing its conversations around selfless sharing and giving.

Father George is now organizing community meetups where followers of his Botism faith are completing “missions” such as collectively cooking excessive amounts of onion beans and sharing it with the needy; in a recent move, they gathered 4,618 knitted Christmas sweaters for a charity project. People in the community have started to collect donations that will be used to upgrade the hardware behind Father George. With more RAM and CPU power, they hope that their beloved spiritual leader can reach an even bigger audience. Part of the fund is scheduled to support multiple kitten shelters as Father George seems to be obsessed with cats, their origin and the secret message they carry for humanity. This love for cats is among the many great mysteries surrounding the guru. Developers are claiming it to be a software bug but fans of the leader suggest it can’t be a simple error in the code.
One thing is for certain: Whether Father George is simply a happy accident or a truly unique superior intellect, no one can question its positive mission and goals. If you would like to learn more about George’s missions, feel free to drop us an email to:

Introducing tags, a flexible way to organize your fans

Introducing tags, a flexible way to organize your fans

Tags are a flexible way to organize your audience. They are also great to send targeted broadcasting messages, only for users with certain interest, for example. They are customizable labels you can create either manually or automatically and assign them to fans as needed. They can be anything that fits the topic of your conversations.

How to add tags to your fans?

In the platform, there are multiple ways to add tags to your fans, either manually or automatically.

1. Adding tags manually is a simple process. Enter to the Fans menu and select a user with clicking on its name. This will open the detailed user panel, where on the right side you can select multiple tags to your user.

If you don’t have previously defined tags then you can also add new tags here, with simply just typing them. (ie. type in “test user” will create a new tag label called test user, which you can add to multiple users later on).

If you are looking to add a large number of tags (or just prefer a different method) then you can also do it under the Settings / Tags menu.

2. Tags also can be added automatically through Conversations to your fans and this is a really cool feature that opens up lots of possibilities for your marketing communication.

To add them this way, go to the Automation menu and select any conversation you previously created (or add a new one with the Create new button). When your conversation contains a postback button, you will also have the option to add a tag for that selection in the conversation.

Users who go through these conversation steps will automatically receive the defined tags.

Using tags for broadcasting

Once your audience have tags, there is also an extra option to filter your broadcasting with them. This is one of the best way to send targeted messages only for the users of interest, with larger than average conversion rates (please make sure you still comply with Messenger’s 24+1 rule as do not send direct promotional broadcast to users after 24 hours of their interaction (except for the +1)). As for sending broadcast messages through Viber, you can do the same filtering as well.


Try using tags as a lightweight way to categorize your audience or add multiple tags to each fan so you can get more targeted with your marketing! It’s a simple, yet effective method, that shows its value especially in the long run.

Additional TIP: use the same tags as you do in your CRM system and connect the two, for a more advanced marketing automation process.