The first Crypto bot on Viber

The first Crypto bot on Viber

Fanbot Team

Fintech, blockchain, AI, cryptocurrency, machine learning, chatbots… etc. these are certainly the buzzwords of our era and these are the new technologies shaping our future. Each and every one of them deserves its own place but the true innovation happens when you start combining them. So, what if we say, we have a chatbot, boosted with AI and machine learning that can provide all sorts of crypto news and trading info for you?

Because we do:

In our long-standing partnership with Rakuten Viber, we were always looking for new ways to offer new and innovative solutions to our users and more value to them but we have to admit that this one is a bit selfish or at least the idea came from within the team.

If you are anything like us or ever considered to invest in a crypto, you know how hard it is to keep track of all the new options popping up every day or finding the relevant stats for pulling the trigger in a trading decision. There must be an easier way to get to what we want than trying to make sense of all the buzz and spam we face with all day and opening up a dozen different trading and info sites every other minute wasting our precious time. So we created a smart solution that can keep you updated with instant messages and offer straightforward menu options to get to the info you need without any hassle.

  • You should sign up – It is completely free to join!

We are making the chatbot available free of charge to every Viber user. All you need to do is to click on the link and you are ready to drop all the sites you were using before. The Crypto bot is a one-stop solution with every info you need in one place and there is even an awesome sticker pack that comes with it.

  • Real-time trading info, stats and daily news at your fingertips

Everything that you need to fuel your crypo nerding is now available at a single place, everything is in the main menu so you are always only one click away. There is no spam or any unnecessary noise, the Crypto bot’s sole purpose is to give you an advantage by eliminating those. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran trading crypto since the first bumpy days of Bitcoin, you will find what you need in a matter of seconds.

  • Buy and sell through the Binance integration

What is it worth to have all the trading stats available on the globe if you can’t actually trade, right? That is why, we have teamed up with one of the most reliable names in crypto trading, Binance to provide you an immediate and safe option whenever you are ready to pull the trigger.

  • It doesn’t stop here…

With all the news, trading information and buying and selling options, you would think that everything is already covered but this is only the beginning of the Crypto bot’s life. There is a dedicated section for accessing quick definitions and explanations if you ever find yourself confused in the ever-evolving terminology of the crypto business. The wonderful thing about Viber channels is that they allow you to customize your notification settings so you can tailor the experience to your needs. Our dream is to make the Crypto bot into a full-fledged personal assistant providing you tips, reminders, notifications based on your preferences and habits. Your AI boosted partner in trading, helping you in nurturing your investment.

  • An open platform to unite all

We are continuously looking for new data providers and content sources to achieve the best user experience possible. We would be happy to hear about your preferred sources and if you have crypto related content, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You have your own idea about a news/info channel on an instant messaging platform? Drop us a line and let the team help you build it.

Conversational landing pages: the new conversion boosters

Conversational landing pages: the new conversion boosters

Whether the goal of your next big campaign is to get people to willingly try out your new service, quadruple the sign-ups in that given month or simply push sales over the roof the first indicator that you will probably always look at when assessing your success is the conversion rate. Traditionally at the end of these online campaigns, there is always a visually really appealing landing page with a strong message, dedicated content tailored to one specific task, to convert.

These pages are designed with one sole purpose in mind, to catch every single person you drive there and make them take your intended action. However, they have an extremely difficult task in doing so. Their content is static, there are usually multiple steps involved and each with their own possible drop off points and they can’t provide that feeling of instant connection with the brand, that today’s customers need. Modern customers don’t want to waste their time by reading some lengthy product copy nor they are happy to fill out a form and wait until your sales team eventually gets back to them. This is exactly why we came up with the concept of conversational landing pages.

So what really is a ‘conversational landing page’?

Although, it is the next evolutionary step in converting and qualifying, the concept itself is really simple. Instead of arriving to a static landing page and facing with a wall of text, your customers are greeted by a chat conversation. Its primary goal is to engage visitors in a conversation with a live agent or a chatbot and exchange instant messages. It can be viewed as a full screen chat window but with the same design options and visual opportunities you have with a static landing page, so it can fully reflect your brand or product. A really carefully designed interactive conversation flow engages the visitor and instead of trying to present all information at once, it slowly guides your potential customers through. It focuses your visitor’s attention, there are no pop-ups, sidebars and extra menus, it offers a completely distraction free experience.

Why do they work better?

If you think about it, when someone clicks on your ad or a link placed in your email, they are ready to connect with your brand. You captured their interest with your marketing message and now they want to know more. They don’t want to read a long generic description, they have specific questions, they are ready to get convinced and this is your window of opportunity and this is when conversational landing pages can kickstart a fruitful conversation with a potential client.

Instead of the generic one size fits all approach of the traditional landing pages it can accommodate different clients’ different needs and the conversations can head into completely new directions. No matter how well you prepared your buyer persona, a two way communication approach in which the client can actually state his preference will always yield far more superior results. It is like having your best sales rep in always listening mode, ready to immediately engage with all the new customers opening the door of your shop.

Today’s clients demand the absolute best customer experience and their attention span is shortened to just a few minutes so your brand needs to take actions immediately and can’t risk the precious conversions on the guesswork that you are stuck with when presenting your marketing message on static page based on a one way communication flow.

Where should I use them?

They of course work perfect in place of any kind of classic landing page, but they particularly excel at places where their interactive nature is useful, such as lead qualification, registration or for example handling broad email newsletter traffic. You can merge and replace multiple steps so your customers don’t need to separately click on the contact us form or find your CTA button at the bottom of your page, they don’t need to navigate to different pages if they need more info about a product. This eliminates potential drop off points and keeps clients in the flow, maximising the return on your google or facebook ad spendings.

They really shine when you have a complex business offering with many variables, for example if you are selling a travel insurance that is tailor made to your buyer’s upcoming trip. The conversational flow guides customers through the qualification questions, collects contact information, recommends services in a natural and seamless way. This also makes them the perfect first qualification step if have different sales reps handling different geographic territories, company sizes or product groups. 

My personal favorite use is to have a dedicated conversational landing page handling traffic from email newsletters. The visitors coming in this way have a really broad interest so it is much more difficult to predetermine what will cut it for them. With the option of asking questions and letting the user choose from different options you can avoid spamming them with offers they are not really interested in and only show your best cards.

A/B test results

Comparing 12 different user campaigns recently, the results are pretty convincing. Conversion rates were up by 41% on average and in two cases up by almost 75% compared to the previously used static landing pages. In the ecommerce examples we examined, conversational landing pages had the added side benefit of shoppers spending more on average, cart value was up by 17%. These pages were the landings of paid ad campaigns so the CAC (customer acquisition cost) was also an important measure that the raised conversion rates could improve significantly.

More advanced conversational engines, like the one you find in allow the transition between chatbot based automatic replies and personal chat with a live agent on a conversational landing page. As the chatbot could take care of the more common questions and only escalate the queries that really needed human interaction we found that the same number of staff could handle a x27 swing in workload during a countrywide recent telecommunications campaign.

Our system in allows users to switch between a pop-up style webchat window that you can place on your homepage in the right bottom corner or a full screen webchat interface that can be fully customized as a conversational landing page so you are free to run your own tests. We would love to hear about your campaign results and design your next landing page that really converts together!

Fradi Viber – sports chat and messaging marketing in football

Fradi Viber – sports chat and messaging marketing in football

It’s alive!

We are very glad to announce that after much preparation, the official Fradi sports chat on Viber has been released today! We have been working on it relentlessly with our long term partner Ferencvárosi Torna Club (Hungary’s most popular football club) and of course with the wonderful team at Viber. always had an attraction for sports clubs, brands and organizations because automated messaging marketing is heavily appealing for these type of love brands with such an enthusiastic follower/fanbase. That is the type of target audience where your content is never enough, as your loyal fans always want more, personalized and exclusive, hands on content from their beloved team. serves that purpose on social messaging channels (Messenger, Viber) and websites, as the preferred platform for a growing number of sports organizations all around the globe.

What can a club do with a Viber channel and a chatbot attached to that?

It can be a diverse communication platform if you have a community and also a private chat. In our case is attached to the private chat so the two way communication is ready to accelerate reach, engagement and ROI numbers.

One way to look at it:

Do you want to reach the majority of your fanbase with personalized messages landing in their private conversation? We believe that this where you can do better in terms of Reach.

It’s not like posting on Facebook or writing a news entry on your site. It’s a lot different to approach fans in a conversational way. You cannot make that happen otherwise, you need for it. It’s very valuable for a sports club to build that kind of bridge because they can offer content in demand via subscription. Fanbase can follow the team and most importantly follow the matches live, in a live score, live ticker approach. As mentioned earlier, content is something that fans ache for and match events are a great example of a highly immersive chat experience. Fans get to know everything that is happening and even more, if they want to dive deeper, well in that case they can ask. “Oh the player, who just scored, can I read his bio”? Great opportunity to serve information and also prepare to engage. Kind of like watching a match with the ultimate fan, who you can turn to, if there’s a question.

Do you want to continue and go with the usual marketing platforms and practices or you want to try something new, outside of the box approach to have better numbers in the Engagement department?

If there is a channel built on two way communication it is much easier to engage with the audience. Its all about the right questions. The right broadcast message at the right time can bring the best out of the people. Let’s say they want to know when the match will start, or if there is any change, maybe there’s a delay in kickoff that people want to know about. It’s not that effective to read it in the news rather get a message from the biggest fan, who knows everything about the team and is always up to date. That is trust! Target audience can engage with a channel where they can find trust.

How can you turn this into a better ROI?

All companies focus on increasing revenue, trying to come up with new ideas, features, special offers and such. Since the fanbase is already interested in what their beloved team has to offer its only about the channel, where to reach and engage with them. A conversational based chat environment can be the next step in serving the right material at the right time to right people. Everybody wins and gets what they want. Lets say its a special offer for the winning  goal scorer player’s jersey. Of course the fans want to show up in a jersey and would like to pay less for it if its possible. Well the offers and their target can meet in a private chat channel pretty well.

At we know that fans are the most important part in a sports club’s life, they come first. In our mission of serving the fans on the highest possible level we try to find the mutual benefit that can favour the fans and also is doing good for the team, because they cannot exist without each other. That is our mission, to get them closer.

If you are interested in our solutions, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Guest post: Chatbot Evolution

Guest post: Chatbot Evolution

Tailored-messaging based on demographics, user data, and AI integration.

Written by Doron Schwartzblat
Head of Platforms at Straker Translations

Chatbots are becoming more widely used across various industries, and leading companies have already started implementing Chatbots as a part of their customer-service workflow*.

*Chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020.

The increasing usage rate of Chatbots does not only present businesses with new challenges, but also forces the industry to come up with creative solutions, which will in turn, help reshape this field and determine new trends. This made a very interesting discussion and Straker Translations.

Clear communications have always been a barrier when dealing with cross-border commerce and/or customer support, and over the past 11 years, Straker helped thousands of clients to translate the content of different subject matters, and for various target audiences. The key factor in delivering a high-quality translation is to make it sound like it was actually written in that language – that is only achieved when applying the adequate tone of voice and adjusting the style to the target audience.

From a language perspective, marketing managers agree that tailoring the messaging to a respective target audience would deliver higher conversations overall. For example, German shoppers between the age ranges of 40-60 would almost always prefer a formal tone and style, whereas younger age groups react better to informal speech and colloquial verbiage.

From a business perspective, has shown a significant increase in lead-conversion statistics and lower cart-abandonment rates whenever a Chatbot is properly used and customized based on industry-specific matrix. delivers a great experience around lead qualification, customer support, chat broadcasting, registration, surveys and answering FAQs.

Having Chatbots supporting the most common chatting Apps such as Messenger and Viber, delivers a fantastic engagement result from users, as they are not required to install any additional apps. The response time is instant, the solution is available 24/7 so users are never left without a reply. The audience can be segmented and the messages can be targeted accordingly, in other words, the system can be fully tailored and personalized to each user’s preference.

Taking the above aspects into mind, we can clearly see there is room and demand for a more sophisticated user-interaction, and this is exactly where language localization would play a significant role.

Combining the expertise and technology of both companies, and Straker have started to work on a bespoke, highly-customized Chatbot; it will have pre-determined responses which would vary according to the user’s demographics. To provide a usage example from the Travel industry; the user will have to input their order number or email as a part of the support process, and once verified and linked to an account with demographics data, the relevant script will be allocated to that chat window. In other words, the Chatbot will crosscheck the user’s details and will assign a tailored, and pre-determined answer script to that chat window. This should create a pleasant chat experience for users who engage with the bot, and it is expected to deliver a much higher conversion rate and customer satisfaction from the service offered.

Fusing this custom Chatbot functionality with AI, translation memory, passive data collection and machine learning, will enable companies to save costs on support personnel, and deliver outstanding results within a shorter timeframe.

The AI would work in the background to collect & analyze chat data, and implement better answer prediction for various industries, all based on translation samples Straker would accumulate in the system’s memory. Statistics from on user engagement and satisfaction results will also be fed into the Straker’s Ai powered engine, to analyze data around the efficiency of the different translated scripts.

Case study: chatbot solution for hiring at Canecom

Case study: chatbot solution for hiring at Canecom

There are many different exciting uses for a chatbot based solution but the common theme is always automation and personalization. Whether it is lead qualification, customer support, chat broadcasting or any other task, the goal is not only reducing the manual labor but creating a flow that is utilizing the know how and best practice you have collected over the years making all the interactions a perfectly performing experience.

One of our favorite recent implementations was specifically created to help the hiring process in a relatively small team where there is no dedicated HR department but the projects have really short turnaround times and vastly different requirements so finding and selecting the right talent is a top priority challenge.

Who is Canecom and how did the idea of a hiring bot appear?

“We are specialized in custom software development projects, from funky mobile apps to complex CMS and full backend systems, we do them all. Due to the nature of our projects, the requirements are always quickly changing, there are always new and exciting challenges ahead which require our team to be really agile and flexible. We have a strong core team but we work with many freelance and part time developers on a project basis depending on the workload and skillset required at any given time. This means that we have job interviews scheduled pretty much every week and that takes up an awful amount of our time. We don’t have a dedicated HR department that could handle the task and we always need the project manager and the technical lead to evaluate the candidate anyway so streamlining the process and making it as effective as possible was always a priority for us.

Most of our candidates check us out on social media and open our website as well but need to send an e-mail with their CVs at the end and that has a relatively slow response time. We wanted something more instant and immediate and also something that enables information to flow both ways, from and to the candidate. We find that chat is the best alternative as it fulfills all of our requirements and the questions and answers can be “scripted” and then automated so the candidates get immediate replies and we don’t need to wait days to get all the information we need by emailing back and forth. The whole communication becomes really snappy and this is what our projects demand.”

How did you implement it? How do you use it?

“We wanted to solve two main problems. Scheduling interviews and pre-filtering candidates. As I mentioned, hiring needs the involvement of our most important and experienced colleagues, senior developers and managers responsible for each project. Their time is extremely limited and always better spent with coding or managing other aspects of the software projects. We have placed a chatbot on our Facebook page and connected the same solution to our website. This way, new candidates checking us out can immediately get in touch with us. There is a simple, straight to the point menu where they can check out the available career opportunities and easily start a conversation with the bot. We can instantly ask our favorite qualification questions so by the time the senior developers and managers get to check out the CVs coming in, we already have a pretty solid idea about the experience and skillset of the given candidate. We love to work with junior colleagues but there are times when the scope and timing of the project requires a really experienced senior. We have our own talent pool that we can reach out to and we have many returning guys that we worked together on various projects but there are times when we need a really specific knowledge for example about a brand new technology that no one in the team has. We configured the flow to ask different relevant questions depending on the position the candidate is applying for so we can make sure they have exactly what we are looking for.

They can drag and drop their CVs into the conversation and the bot is collecting contact details at the end of the conversation. If we like the candidate and would like to schedule an interview, we can really easily schedule an online call. We do this by broadcasting a message to all promising candidates in that round with a Calendly invite where they can easily see the available slots in the schedule, further avoiding emailing back and forth. Luckily can assign tags to users based on their answers in the conversation and we can also do that manually when reviewing the CVs so segmenting the candidates takes only two clicks when we are sending out replies. We really like this as it makes Canecom seem a really responsive and modern company.”

What are the main benefits for you?

“Time management is extremely important for us so we keep track of all of our tasks and the time they take. We found that communication with the candidates, scheduling calls, emailing back and forth ..etc. can take 27-32% of the time our colleagues spend with hiring. This was quite surprising for us as this is a significant amount of their time. Since we have the hiring bot in place, we could reduce this by more than 80% so our colleagues simply need to review the CVs coming in and join when the call starts, the rest is taken care by the system. This saves us some really precious time that we can use for other aspects of our projects.

Some of our projects have really short term deadlines so it is important for us to have a system that is highly flexible and really easy to reconfigure when the current project is over and we have updated requirements for the next one. allows this for us, we can really quickly build new conversations or modify and re-use some of the existing ones. In addition to that, we have colleagues scattered across the world in many different time zones, we encourage and support remote work. Having a system that can reply 24/7 on all 365 days of the year is a god sent and an invaluable help for us. This is not only a great benefit for us internally but also a really positive sign for the new applicants so it often gets complimented by the candidates. They compare it to some of the other places they send in their CVs to where they need to wait days or weeks even (if they get a response at all) so it is a much better experience to them which is really important for us. I think this is why we have a lot more CVs coming in than previously, people are much more willing to interact. This is especially true for developers as they often don’t like to take part in pre-qualification phone calls but are happy to interact with a chatbot and share more useful information about themselves.”

What are the first 6 months results?

“We implemented this solution at the beginning of this year and we have it running ever since. There were 3 major projects where we needed multiple people quickly and helped us in finding 3 new front-end developers, 4 guys for backend development tasks, a new UX designer and a sales guy. This means 9 successful hires for us and more than 70 people applying for these positions in total. We have a much larger talent pool now that we can reach out to than ever before. We feel that the qualification process has also improved as the chatbot always asks all the best and most relevant questions so there are no exceptions when a colleague in the rush of a project forgets to forward some of the questions or come back to a candidate. Our new colleagues were also happy with this method which is a huge plus for us, we want to attract top talent so the first impression about our company is key. “

What are your plans for the future?

“We are really happy with the results and would like to further integrate into our hiring process. It is in our short term plans to integrate the chatbot into all of our job ads as sort of a conversational landing page so people interested in the ad can immediately start to chat and ask about the opening. Due to the internal success of the technology we are also thinking about making the chatbot an essential part of our onboarding process as an always available agent helping with FAQ and useful information, always pointing our newest colleagues in the right direction even if no one is available from the core team at that time.”

If you like the idea of a hiring bot or have another idea in mind for a specific use, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.