The Fanbot Blog

Knowledge 101

One of the most robust part of the Fanbot ecosystem is the Knowledge module. This is where most of the magic happens and your bot gets smarter over time. While it all sounds difficult and complicated, we have designed this part with simplicity in mind. We wanted everyone to understand (and profit from) this feature […]

Extended emoji support

Emojis are an important and integral part of the communication today. Up until now we have been supporting a couple emojis, but today we have expanded this to a large number of them. Now you can use tons of the new emojis in your automated conversations or broadcasting, such as a ball, a flag or […]

Core elements

“Chatbots are the future of sports and fan interaction.” In short the Fanbot is a conversational engine, content management and backend service that built using the latest technology stack. It’s functions were made on to reach the best and most engaging digital fan experience. Instead of overcomplicating the chatbot’s tasks we have created a simple, flexible […]

Infograph of a recent implementation for a sport club

We are proud of our work so we wanted to share some data and numbers from a recent sport event that was supported by the Fanbot. This article was originally published on The Connected Fan blog, so you can find more information about it there, we just wanted to post the infograph here for your […]

Launch of the Fanbot blog

Dear Friends, Partners, Helpers, Testers and Everyone else, We are happy to announce the launch of the Fanbot blog to give everyone a better insight to the underlying elements of the Fanbot, the tireless team behind it and the many interesting upcoming features that we are working on. The Fanbot started as a side development […]